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All About Rob

May name is Robert Anthony and I do Photography.  I actually do a lot of things.  Included in the mix is photography.

Over the years, I have done various styles of photography.  Glamour, Boudoir, Nature, Landscape, Senior Portraits, Weddings, Family Photos and also Commercial Grade work.

Any more, I don't do much photography for pay.  I have other revenue streams to "make ends meet".  I do photography now...because I love to do it.

There's nothing like getting the "money shot" when planning and capturing a photo.

I have a more journalistic style that is unique to me.  Nothing taught, but a lot learned over the years.  

When I photograph, I see the world through my unique eyes.  If I were to say there is one single thing that captures the essence of the work I do, it is the very unique images I capture, in particular, when capturing those images which include people.

Many men used to envy me because I had the opportunity to work with such beautiful women.  And while that was great fun, the flakiness wore thin.  Although, there are still a few I certainly would enjoy working with again.  :-)

I dare say over the years my absolute favorite work has to be when I spent time photographing terminally ill children in a partnership with Florida Hospital.  Providing images for families whose children would likely succumb to a deadly illness has been a gift to me that words can't put thanks to.Now, I photograph the wonders of this great country.  A few of my favorites were at the top of Observation Point in Zion National.   And the awe and wonder of Arches National Park; specifically photographing the Milky Way with My wife Joelle over Balanced Rock at 3am.  My goal now is simply to share what I see in my head with the world to enjoy.  Thanks for dropping by.  And hey, if you want to know when I have put something new up, please sign up!