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For Florists

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I have been in the retail flower business since I was 8 years old.  That means...a long time.  Over the years, we have relied on industry resources like John Henry Company or FTD or Teleflora to give us images to use for our promotions both for print and for our website.

About 5 years back, we decided it was high time to begin doing our own photography.

As I have traveled the country and met so many florists, all seem to want to begin to find their own images, yet few have the equipment, desire, or time to photograph their own work.

Through a collective effort inside our company we have decided to begin offering various images to retail florists to begin downloading and using for their own websites.

As a florist, when you purchase these images, you may use them in print or website in unlimited scope.

If you want bulk pricing please connect with me through the email icon on this site.  We can discuss further bulk purchase.

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However, our image download pricing is direct and affordable, particularly when you weigh it against the costs incurred by not using our images.The costs include

High Cost of Wire Service membership

Heavy Investment of capital in proper Photography Equipment

The Time necessary to invest to learn how to use your equipment and light

The stress of understanding ALL of the post processing work to make your images as beautiful as they can be

These are just a few of the issues you will have when trying to do your own work.We are making this affordable and in doing so, also providing one more tool which helps you make a choice to leave the wire services keeping you as a slave to their demands.We will update our galleries regularly during seasons and recommend highly that you sign up immediately for our email list to get regular updates the moment we post new galleries!